What we do at Piquant Media

The beautiful, functional websites that we build are more than skin deep. Our direction and production of shareable, social and practical media content unlocks your online potential. Combining strategic consultation and corresponding information systems design, economy can be found for any venture. Based in Limerick, Ireland - we create new media for the whole world.

Branding & Identity

Who you are and what you do is a story we would love to help you tell. Creative, flexible and with a wealth of experience we apply professional resources and willing spirits to help you migrate from traditional advertising into an honest engagement with a massive online world.

Web Construction

We build websites and systems on a range of Free and Open Source platforms. With bespoke, mobile friendly theming and custom coding we can be your partners in the whole process, from buying a domain name to finding the correct hosting solutions.


We provide a full photography service from concept to dissemination. Shooting on location or in our professional studio we will explore and maximise your message to create a high quality tailored visual for your project.


Writing less gets read more. We will deliver written content that expresses who you are and what you do. With our support you will develop your own voice in an ongoing online conversation with your audience.

Web Video

We craft considered online video that seamlessly combines the beauty of imagery with the power of spoken word and edited sound. We believe in the power of ‘Story’ and always strive to access the authentic human element in our work.

Information Architecture

We design how information is created, presented and consumed. Beyond the 'how', we love to explore the 'why'. Our design and implementation of elegant systems makes doing things on computers useful, valuable and natural.

Information Architecture

Information is the currency
of human interaction

As much as a smile at the correct moment bonds a relationship, getting the right information to the right people at the right time facilitates all your endeavors.

An information architect seeks to understand the structure and relationships between human interactions and then design a beautiful system for the information interaction to inhabit.

Who we are

Michael Jonker

A self confessed geek, Michael knows that changing the step creates a new dance. When he is not watching films at home with his wife and two cats, he is either working hard or trying to figure out how to wire his brain directly to the network.

Conor Buckley

Sometimes it is hard to tell Conor from his bicycle. His epic voyages across the country are often where he finds creative energy. Some say that his blood, sweat and tears - when mixed in the right way - can make you see the things he sees.

Visual Communication

We are becoming a visually mediated society, for many understanding of the world is being accomplished, not through words, but by reading images.Paul Martin Lester

In this age of multimedia and mass communication, the power of the visual has never being more important. When we talk about the visual we are not just talking about the power of the photograph or the action packed video we are also talking about subtleties in how any visual message is delivered from text on an A4 page to text on a web page.

A finished visual design represents all decisions made along the way, the decision to choose white over black, the decision to

choose one font over another, all these decisions are made to achieve the goal of delivering ‘the message’. A haphazard approach to design, communicates just that, haphazardness.

Good visual communication has the ability to instantaneously inspire confidence, to gain trust or spark an emotion but most of all it has the ability to deliver clear economical concise communications to mass audiences across many mediums and to various different cultures.

Visuals can be used as shorthand to converse with a specific audience (or desired audience). We can use the visual language of our audience to say hello, we can creatively play with language to raise questions or invoke a response, but at the core we can use visual language to communicate our ‘tone of voice’, our playfulness and our passion for what it is we do.

We are not talking about creating a false hype or revenue intensive advertising spin. We are advocates of clear concise ‘REAL’ communications, for this reason we do not use stock photography or template designs. We hand build visuals and systems that allow you to share your story and your passion for what you do.


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