Limerick 2020


We developed and produced a creative campaign for Limerick2020 as part of Limerick’s bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2020. Titled ‘Paint The Town’, the aim of the campaign was to build awareness of the Limerick2020 bid process, while also improving the visual aspect of the city. We worked with the Limerick City and County Council Arts Office in the design, development and production of this multifaceted campaign.


The concept for the identity was centred around simplicity, openness and anticipation.

The final 0 in 2020 was formed from two brackets that open up to encapsulate an idea and highlight visual elements. In a sense the empty brackets create a space where anything can happen which provokes curiosity and excitement for the prospects of the project.


We designed a series of graphic outputs for use across print, advertising, outdoor, online and social media. We also worked with the Limerick 2020 bid team to design a bid book that was presented to the jury at the first stage of the campaign.


We created a wooden print block using the Limerick2020 identity and brand font. We worked with local communities and Limerick Printmakers to create a travelling print workshop that encouraged people to create personal prints of their messages and aspirations for the city.

Over 200 people engaged in these workshops and messages and slogans were created in multiple languages.

We brought the messages and slogans created in the print workshops into the overall campaign concept, ensuring that multiple voices were central to the overall project.


We created a series of videos that were used throughout the campaign to communicate the passion and energy of Limerick’s citizens and communities.

To launch the campaign we created a video featuring Limerick people giving 5 words that sum up Limerick for them. The video showcased the launch of the identity as it applied liberally in the real environment.

The second video explored the bid theme of multiplicity and showcased the cultural bounty that exists in multiple pockets of Limerick city.

The third video in the series celebrated the journey that the people of Limerick took together in working on the Limerick 2020 bid.


The website we created for Limerick2020 was an online showcase for news and campaigns around Limerick and contained several calls to action for people to get involved in the campaign.

Custom built using the expression engine platform the Limerick 2020 website provided an easy to use system that could support a wide variety of content while retaining a strong overall brand.


We planned and managed an online campaign designed to build local awareness of the Limerick2020 project and to connect with communities, businesses and organisations throughout the city and region.

The campaign included website editorial content, copy writing and social media management across the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We developed story projects such as the Citizens of Limerick project to work with people in Limerick to tell the stories of the city. We interviewed and photographed citizens from across the city and told their stories on the Limerick2020 website and through the social media platforms.

The online campaign successfully built audiences and followers on social media and drove high volumes of traffic to the website, generating awareness and local involvement in the Limerick2020 project.


We designed and installed a number of street art installations throughout the city; including a 3d poetry project created in collaboration with a local youth poetry movement, an interactive street game using an exploded map of Europe, a city wide window vinyl project, and a series of large scale murals and paste-up quotes.

The street art projects enhanced the visual aspect of the city while bringing the Limerick2020 onto the streets, engaging and connecting with the citizens and communities in the city.


Limerick City and County Council


Branding, Identity, Graphic Design, Website Design, Video, Photography, Online Campaign, Project Management, Art Installation

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